Composition Tips

This page gives you access to a variety of topics dealing with college-level composition.  You are welcome to make copies and use these as your guides. You may find more detailed information about these topics on other pages of this website as these are typically one-page, quick overviews.

The Writing Process: Whether you are prewriting, writing or revising these handouts give you helpful hints to get you writing and keep you moving through the process.

Conducting Research


Eliminating Wordiness in Writing

Eliminating Wordiness in Writing_2

Evaluating Sources

How to Respond to a Writing Assignment


Thesis Statements

What is Academic Writing

Grammar and Punctuation:  Get your ideas across clearly with grammar and punctuation tips for the most common writing errors.

Colons and Semi-colons


Fused Sentences

Making pronoun references clear



Passive and Active Voice


Sentence Fragments

For a comprehensive site on everything you can imagine relating to composition and documentation see The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)