decisions, decisions, decisions…

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We received many great art and photograph submissions. It was a daunting task to make some very difficult decisions.  If only the magazine could hold an infinite number of works so we could include them all.  Then deciding on the cover… we got it done.  We aim to publish a fantastic literary magazine and with all the hard work and wonderful contributions we believe it will be.

Busy couple weeks…

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It has been a very busy, but productive couple weeks.  Many thanks to those who helped with the fundraiser!  We raised over $300(net) and are planning to use the money to make this years edition of Spirit Lake Review the best yet.  This week many of our editors stayed late into the night matching up and laying out the pieces we have selected for this years publication.  We are very excited to see all of our hard work come together into something tangible.  This coming week we’ll make decisions regarding our covers and more.

Stay tuned!  Things are moving along and before we know it… Spirit Lake Review 2015 will be revealed.  Thank you to everyone that has been a part.  It takes everyone to make it happen.

Fundraiser News!

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This event is to help raise money for premium printing costs of Spirit Lake Review Literary Magazine

Lip Sync Battle Royale at @ The Al Ringling Museum Mansion LLC with Karen DeSanto, Tom Farley, Ben Bromley, Ike Lanman, Frances Auld, Derek Remnarace, Jacob McCluskey and others…

No Cover Charge but donations are encouraged!!

Audience Participation – All Ages – Live Music – Food – Drinks – Lots of laughs and April Fool’s Day fun for all!!

Wednesday April 1, 2015 from 6 – 8pm

We would love to see you there!


You still have time to send us your art.  We have looked the literary submissions and art is next on our list.  You have until March 15th to submit pictures to us at in jpeg format.(send us up to 10 pieces and include a short bio of up to 100 words)  We have enjoyed the literary works and look forward to seeing what art you have to offer!  Don’t procrastinate… wouldn’t want you to run out of time.

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We are also working on putting together a fundraising event to raise more money towards printing costs.  We have some very talented musicians in our group looking to make that happen.  We want to make this years edition the best yet.  Stay tuned for more details.  Don’t forget to like Spirit Lake Review on facebook!


Kelly’s Birthday!

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Kelly’s cake


This week, as we looked over and discussed the many literary submissions, we indulged in cake to celebrate Kelly Dwyer’s Birthday!  Don’t worry, we stayed on task.  This coming class we’ll discuss our final batch of written submissions since the deadline was the 25th.  Don’t worry!  If you still want to submit art it’s not too late.  We’d love to see what you’ve got.  Send submissions of art or photography(up to 10 pieces) in jpeg format to (please include short bio of up to 100 words) , due in by March 15th so don’t procrastinate.  Don’t forget to find us on facebook… .  How many likes can we get?  Let’s find out!


We have been reviewing submitted work and are having a blast doing it.  We look forward to seeing what else everyone has to offer also.  Our aim is to fill our pages with different types of creative stories and poetry.  Time is running out to get your submissions turned in to us.  This coming Wednesday, February 25th is the last day we will be accepting written works so hurry and get them in.  Send up to five pieces of writing to us at   (limit of 1,000 words per piece)  Please include a short bio no more than 100 words… You can help us fill the pages of Spirit Lake Review 2015!

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Puzzle Pieces

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It takes all kinds of creativity to put together a literary publication as cool as the Spirit Lake Review.  This past week the editors looked over the first batch of submissions.  It’s exciting to see the different ideas people come up with in their writing.  We got into some interesting discussions on the anonymous works we read over.  We are currently enjoying the second batch of submissions in preparation for our discussions on them in the coming week.  Keep them rolling in.  We’d love to see what you have to add.  Our deadline on written pieces is quickly approaching.  You have until February 25th to get them in to us.  You just may have the final piece to our puzzle…

Heart of the Spirit Lake Review

The heart of the Spirit Lake Review lies within you.  We would love to see what you have to offer.  We need submissions from people like you in order to publish our next wonderful literary magazine.  Last year the collection of works that graced the pages of the Spirit Lake Review were phenomenal.  We are going to do it again!

Please submit up to 5 pieces of writing (no more than 1,000 words each) as Microsoft Word Documents no later than February 25th.

Please submit up to 10 portraits or photos of artwork as High Resolution .JPEG Files no later than March 15th.

All submissions can be sent to us at    Please include a bio of 100 words or less.  Please submit soon!  We look forward to putting together our literary journal and you can be a part of it!

Spirit Lake Review 2014

Spirit Lake Review 2014