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Handing down memories
Baraboo News Republic – May 7, 2015
By Annie Getsinger
Handing Down Memories article (PDF)

Czarnecki said the shorter writing exercises work for people “because we all have led fascinating loves and have stories to share. The Palm of the Hand method works well for those who are serious writers and for those who never have written much in their lives. Anyone can do it!”


Palm of the Hand memoir group reflects on lifetime memories
WKOW – January 29, 2014
By Katie Priebe
WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports


Workshop helps people share stories
Baraboo News Republic – January 8, 2014
By Annie Getsinger
Palm of the Hand article (PDF)

The workshops are designed to get people thinking about their lives and to break down memories into manageable lists of writing topics. Each idea should generate no more than a one-page story.

“That’s real, documented memory that would not have been written down had you not just taken that little bit of time,” Boucher said.


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