Ordering Texbooks

Are you feeling stumped by how to order (or even find) textbook information online** for your classes? Here’s how!

  1. Go online to Neebo’s bookstore. If you are taking a UW-Baraboo/Sauk County class, the link will be: http://www.neebo.com/uw-baraboo. If you’re looking for information on UW Colleges Online classes, the link will be: http://www.neebo.com/uw-colleges-online.
  2. Click on “Rent or Buy Textbooks” in the top left of the page:rentorbuy
  3. Select the term for which you’re looking for books:SelectTerm
  4. Choose the department of your class (English, Chemistry, etc.) and then click “Select”:ChooseDept
  5. Choose the class number (098, 210, etc.) of your class. Make sure to click where it says “CLICK HERE” under the course name, then click “Select”:SelectCourse
  6. Your first class will be added to your course list. From this page, you can continue adding your other courses to your course list by clicking on “Add Another Course” and going through the steps above. If you’re finished adding courses, or you just want to see the one class, click on “View Textbook Results”
    • If you have both UW-Baraboo/Sauk County and UW Colleges Online courses, you will have to do this separately in the two online bookstores (see above).ClassAdded
  7. Clicking on “View Textbook Results” will show you the required and optional textbooks for all the courses you selected. From there, you can view information about the textbooks, see prices, and add textbooks to your cart for purchase.
    • Hover over the ? next to “Additional Book Information” to see the book’s ISBN. This is useful if you would like to purchase your textbooks from a vendor other than Neebo.BookInfo
  8. From here, you can select your books for purchase or rental if you are purchasing them from Neebo. Please note that students are not required to use Neebo for their books and materials purchases. Students may choose to obtain their textbooks from online or local book vendors, borrow them from a friend, or buy them from another student. However, UW-BSC is not responsible for textbooks purchased through another vendor.
  9. Financial Aid Information: Students who wish to use their financial aid directly to purchase books and materials prior to the start of the semester will be required to use Neebo for these purchases.  UW-Baraboo/Sauk County students should complete the book charge authorization form on this page and return it to the Business Office for approval. You will then be able to use financial aid to purchase your books from Neebo. Online students should see this page for more information.

**Rather purchase your books in person? Neebo will be on campus (in the CAFETERIA – not the library) and their times are listed here: http://baraboo.uwc.edu/academics/resources/textbooks

Textbook Services

Image of programming language textbooks

Did you know that if you have financial aid for the spring semester, the library can purchase your textbooks and apply the cost to your student account?

Here’s how:

  1. Go to this page and download the Textbook and Materials Contract for Financial Aid purchase form.
  2. Fill out the top portion with your information.
  3. Using the textbook listing on this page, write the title and ISBN of your required textbooks on the form.
  4. Make a copy of your financial aid award letter or print it off from your PRISM account.
  5. Bring your completed form and financial aid information into the library.
  6. Sit down with library staff to order your books.

After you’ve ordered your books, check back at the library in a week or so to collect them. Once all your books have arrived and you’ve picked them up, the charges will be posted to your student account, and your financial aid will be applied to the cost.

If you don’t have financial aid, but you would like assistance with the process of ordering books online, we’d be happy to help. Just stop in!

Other helpful information:

  • The library charges 5.5% sales tax.
  • Students are responsible for their own returns unless the vendor sends the wrong item.