Library Sustainability Series: Serge Koenig, “Sustaining Sauk County’s Natural Resources”

Updated to add: If you missed Serge Koneig’s talk, listen to the SpiritCast here: Hear all of the library’s Sustainability Series lectures here:

Serge Koenig will present his lecture "Sustaining Sauk County's Natural resources" on Thursday, March 19 at 12:30 p.m. at the UW-Baraboo/Sauk County Library.

UW-BSC Library presents: George Papakis


For those that were unable to attend George Papakis’s presentation, you can listen to the presentation here:

George Papakis received his PhD in Urban Studies at UW-Milwaukee. He earned the Scott Greer Award for Outstanding Urban Research on the paper he wrote entitled, The Sobering Realities of the 2004 Olympics: Fiscal Crisis and the Privatization of Land. This fall, he plans to return to Greece to work on the issues highlighted by his research.

Papakis focuses his research on urban governance, globalization, and economic restructuring in Athens, Greece.  During his lecture he expanded on each of this topics. If you’re a person who enjoys learning about the political and economical history of land use, and urban planning of Athens, then this is the lecture for you!

George Papakis speaking during his lecture.

George Papakis speaking during his lecture.