SpiritCast: Icecube, from the South Pole to the Edge of the Universe

The latest CCC Lecture, “Science at the Extremes:  Icecube, from the South Pole to the Edge of the Universe” by UW-Madison’s WIPAC staff, is now available here: http://coursecast.uwc.edu/DisplayCast.aspx?id=12840

As part of the CCC spring distinguished lecture series, UW-Madison WIPAC staff came to share how IceCube, the biggest and strangest telescope in the world was built in one of the most remote and extreme environments on Earth to develop new ways to explore the Universe. Learn about neutrinos, the mysterious cosmic messengers that IceCube detects, and what they are telling us about the composition of matter, cosmic explosions and more.

Library Scholars Series: Dr. David Mulroy

Dr. Mulroy holding a guitar

Dr. Mulroy gives a history lesson between songs

Two great events yesterday – The War Against Grammar and Sapphobilly! Check out the library’s Facebook page for the photo album.

You can listen to The War Against Grammar by clicking here: http://coursecast.uwc.edu/DisplayCast.aspx?id=12742 (starts automatically)

You can listen to Sapphobilly by clicking here: http://coursecast.uwc.edu/DisplayCast.aspx?id=12743 (starts automatically)

Frac Sand Mining, A Cautionary Tale

In case you missed Professor Dale Murray’s lecture for the Baraboo Range Preservation Association on February 11th, it’s not too late to hear it!

You can listen to the lecture – along with other Sustainability Series events – through the library’s CourseCasting service.

Listen Here

The lecture was entitled Frac Sand Mining, A Cautionary Tale. It was led by Dale Murray, Associate Professor of Philosophy at UW Baraboo/Sauk County in conjunction with the Baraboo Range Preservation Association.

Professor Murray provided a perspective on silica mining for the hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) process now being used to tap into our nation’s natural gas reserves. Dr. Murray is the local campus environmental ethicist, and his lecture discussed what price is paid as these mines creep closer to the Baraboo Hills.

CourseCasting Service

Ever miss a lecture on campus and wish you could have heard it? Ever attend a great lecture and want to share it with your friends?

Never fear – the library’s CourseCasting service to the rescue!

CourseCasting is a way to take the lecture with you wherever you go. Based on Podcasting technology,  CourseCasting gives you the ability to listen to lectures or supplemental material from participating courses. Students will find UWC CourseCasting a complement to their studies and the community is also invited to listen and learn with us. In addition to classroom recordings, UWC CourseCasting also features recordings of campus activities such as poetry readings, lecture series, and special topics.