Library Welcomes David Mulroy

David Mulroy has created a new adaptation of Sophocles’ famous play Antigone.The UW-Baraboo/Sauk County library and Unversity theatre held a dramatic reading on March 15, 2012 of this recently translated work. Click the link to listen

Following the dramatic reading of Antigone there was a discussion of the translation its meaning and importance. Click the link to listen to the discussion.   

He is also the author of the book War Against Grammar and lectured about the use of grammar and contemporary education. Click the link to listen

New Database SocIndex with Full Text via EBSCOhost

SocIndex with Full Text via EBSCOhost ia a new database for sociology research. This database offers comprehensive coverage of sociology, encompassing all sub-disciplines and closely related areas of study. These include abortion, criminology & criminal justice, demography, ethnic & racial studies, gender studies, marriage & family, political sociology, religion, rural & urban sociology, social development, social psychology, social structure, social work, socio-cultural anthropology, sociological history, sociological research, sociological theory, substance abuse & other addictions, violence and many others.

Library Begins Archival of Photos 1968 to Current

The UW-BSC Library has begun a massive undertaking of archiving all past campus photos. The photos date back to 1968 when the UW-Baraboo/Sauk County campus was founded. This archival process is expected to take about a year to complete. In order to facilitate this process the library is asking for help from former students and faculty in identifying alumni and campus events from previous years.