1)      There is no talking about hockey club (just kidding – talk it up all the time!!!!)

2)      Skating time is Mondays at 9 pm starting November 4.

3)      We should show up at 8 if possible to do some cleaning around the rink.
4)      We provide pads for those that don’t have them, but if you do have your own, please bring them – in fact, if you have extras and want to let the team use them, that would be great.
5)      This is a No slapshot, No Checking, No Lifting game.
6)      This is ALL ABOUT FUN
7)      There is a wide range of experience – the super good players help to bring up the newbies – get everyone involved – it’s is so much fun that way.
8)      All players MUST sign a release form before they can get on the ice (I will have them each week)
9)      If you don’t have skates, BYHA is nice enough to let us use their rental skates – just be sure to put everything back exactly where you found it J
10)   Protective equipment that is required:
a.       Everything from the waist down – shin pads, breezers, cups (or whatever the equivalent is for women – but the breezers have some built in protection there too), elbow pads, gloves and helmets with full face shields.
b.      Basically, everything is required, except for shoulder pads, but you are welcome to wear them if you want.
c.       We will have team socks to purchase at cost (to cover your shins) – hopefully by the start of the semester they will be here – I think they will be about 10 bucks.
d.      The socks will match OUR NEW JERSEYS!!!!!  You will be able to buy a team jersey if you wish – at cost – I think it will be around 55$ – only for hockey club members.  They aren’t in yet, but will be soon.  But – you certainly don’t have to buy one, it’s all good either way. 
e.      So, if this is the first time you would have worn breezers, and if you have no hockey socks, wear a pair of shorts underneath a pair of baggy sweatpants.
f.        Do NOT dress in a way that you think it is going to be cold on the ice – it might be cold, but you will be working up a SWEAT!!!!
11)   Don’t be intimidated by all these rules – it’s really not that hard to follow – we’re all there to help you feel comfortable and to LEARN AND HAVE FUN!!!!  Oh yeah, get some exercise too!!!!
12)   Hey officers – am I missing anything here?
13)   Oh yeah, we’ve got sticks – you’ll need a stick – we should have enough, but if you happen to have one or two or three, please bring them for others to share.

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