Meeting Minutes

Hockey Club Meeting Minutes

Wednesday March 14th

Meeting called to order at 11:05

Attendees: Brad Close, Harley Soerfass, Cody Powell, Logan Thorp

1)      Approve Agenda

2)      Fund Raiser – we received $400 from SGA to be used as seed money for fund raising.  A Motion was made by Thorp and seconded by Powell to purchase candy bars from Seroogies up to a limit of $400.  Motion carried unanimously.

3)      Staffing for fund raising – It was discussed that Hockey Club would sell candy bars during the Wednesday night movie events.  An email will be sent out to request hockey club volunteers.

4)      Promotion – Soerfass was charged with creating promotional materials to encourage both sales of candy bars AND club membership for the following year.

5)      LaCrosse – There was discussion of summertime activites of either box lacrosse or outdoor lacrosse on the soccer field.

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