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The Boo U Intramural Hockey Club met for their first time on February 24th. An event no doubt unworthy to be noted in the book of the chronicles of the Kings, or to be remembered for all times, but none-the-less it was truly spectacular!

Mr. Marc Boucher led an awesome first Practice and scrimmage. Students, faculty and community alike enjoyed a wonderful experience as they grew to know each other, on and off the Ice.


As I scuffled across the ice in a disastrous attempt to stay upright like a new born gazelle, several others impressively glided to and fro with flawless talent and poise. Ms. Laura F. most graciously raised the standard on the ice for everyone there as she does in the classroom, not with a stern voice nor reliance on her social status, however, but from an ever diligent and forthright skill that was somehow, until now, shadowed underneath her true feminine charms.


Like gladiators the Boo U students met Professor Fernelius’ challenge, with the appropriate spirit of gallantry. Courageously taking the battle to the field (or rink as it was) with honor. As their blades gashed the ice, throughout this glorious encounter, there arose a sound that formed shrieks of taunts that echoed off the walls and unified our hearts, creating delusions of grandeur, no doubt, but all toward one goal, Boo U Hockey forever a team!




Join us next week (Friday at 8:30) with your armor on for one heck of a spirited game.


-Brad Close, Club President