Contributors’ Notes


Contributors’ Notes

Mariah Anderson writes: “I recently received my associate’s degree from UW Baraboo/Sauk County. I plan on pursuing my bachelor’s degree at UW Stevens Point, where I plan to major in communications. It was a pleasure working with Kelly Dwyer on this project and I hope, maybe just maybe, to work with her again someday. Writing has been one of the few things I’ve truly stuck with through the years because in a world where it seems like everything has been done, it allows me to create something dark or light, twisted, beautiful, and filled with run-on sentences, miscapitalizations, and made up words – something that is undisputedly mine. I think it’s important to remind everyone that every great novel begins and ends with a simple combination of twenty-six letters.”

Jaire Berlin is from a small town in Wisconsin that has inspired many of the dark and often slightly macabre settings in her work. She received her Associate Degree from UW Baraboo/Sauk County in 2013 and plans   to attend UW Whitewater to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in English.

Marnie Bullock Dresser got her MFA at the University of Montana a long, long time ago. She lives in Spring Green with her husband, son, and three cats and a “garden” she is considering renaming “Maple Grove.” Marnie blogs at

Kelly Dwyer is the author of two novels, The Tracks of Angels and Self-Portrait with Ghosts, and is a gradu- ate of Oberlin College and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. A senior lecturer at UW-Baraboo/Sauk County, Kelly teaches creative writing and literary magazine, and derives great satisfaction from seeing her students complete writings like the ones included in this book. Kelly lives with her husband and daughter, Louis and Alice Wenzlow, in Baraboo, where she is working on her third novel, a literary ghost story set in Wisconsin.

Kyle Heller has been an alumnus of UW-Baraboo/Sauk County since 2005. His work was recently published in the 2013 edition of UW Baraboo’s Spirit Lake Review. Currently, he is attending UW- Platteville to receive a Master’s in Criminology.

Sarah Suleski is a lifetime Wisconsin resident and UW Baraboo/Sauk County alum who is pursuing a love of creative writing at UW Eau Claire. She enjoys writing contemporary fantasy and is always keen to explore new genres — currently she is working on a steampunk novel. She lives in Eau Claire, WI with her boyfriend, and two cats.

Candice Wade writes: “I recall making a list, at the age of five, of all the words I could write on my own. This was in preparation for my first attempt at writing a book. I have not stopped writing since. Though the subject matter has evolved, a deep love of fantasy and science fiction remains constant. I hope that someday I am lucky enough to share my stories with others. I am a single mother, part-time student, and full-time administrative assistant. I write when I find the time and I wish that was more often.”

Jerald K. Ward attended University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County for his freshman year before transferring to UW-Milwaukee, where he received his BA in English/Creative Writing. He received his MFA  from Antioch University-Los Angeles. His first novel, The Fountain, is in the terminal stages of revision.

He hopes to be a creative writing professor someday, you know, after he gets published and gains some experience teaching at the college level.

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