Welcome to the Writing Center!

 tutor hours fall 2013We are here to help you improve your writing with individual assignments as well with your long term success as a writer.  We will help you learn to recognize the types of problems that are specific to your writing—organization, structure, punctuation and grammar.

As tutors, we will offer you advice and suggestions that are useful on the specific paper we are reviewing as well as helpful ideas to remember as you write other papers throughout your college career.  Tutors are not your proofreader or editor, but we are here to help you learn to recognize and solve your own writing problems.

How can we help?  We are happy to see you at any stage of your writing process. We can help you read through the assignment description, brainstorm ideas, and draft an outline.  As you write the paper, we can discuss the organization and flow of your ideas.  When revising  your draft, we can consider larger issues such as if your argument meets the intent of the assignment.

Keep in mind that tutoring is for all students regardless of skill level, but tutors are not a replacement for your instructor.  Seek out advice from your instructors–talk to them and see them during their office hours.  You have a great deal of support on campus so use your resources!


Tutoring: Tutors are here to help you improve your your overall skills as a writer.Tutoring is by appointment so sign up in the ASC or contact us through this website.

Workshops:  Occasionally you will receive notices about workshops offered by the ASC.  Currently we offer Writing the College Application Essay, A Grammar and Punctuation Booster Shot, and Proofreading Strategies.  Have an idea for a workshop?  Let us know!

Class Visits:  Instructors, to introduce your students to the tutoring services available to them, we are happy to visit your class.  Five minutes is often all it takes to preview what is available, and explain how to make and prepare for an appointment.