Hockey Club=Awesome

Last night was another epic night of hockey.  We had a blast and people are getting better every week! Can’t wait until next Monday! Wish I would remember to bring a camera so we can document all the greatness! I’ll try to remember next time!


Get jacked people! One week until we can get on the ice :)

We get on the ice at 9 pm!

Remember to spread the word and hopefully you can be at the rink early so we can go over some things, but mostly because we want to have people to help clean the rink so it stays a nice-looking place :)

Who’s ready to get on the ice????

Coach Marc skated yesterday with the Ice Mites and reported that the ice is in fantastic shape!  He sure is ready for next week’s Hockey Club kick off!

We have not received the jerseys or the socks yet, but what the heck, we’ve skated for two years without them, what’s another week?

Remember, you can invite up to two non campus friends to skate – they just need to pay the 5$ and also sign the waiver.

See you on the ice!

Hockey Club Assignment

The UW BSC Hockey Club has taken on the responsibility of redoing the entry board – the current one is in horrible shape.  Marc went ahead and told the BYHA board that we would be willing to recover the old one and set it up in a new fashion.  What we are tasked to do is repaint and then give each team (ice mites, mites, squirts, pee wee, bantam, HS, HS Girls and U16) space where they can post their team pictures and list any outstanding players of the week.

We will start working on this project ASAP – plan on it being part of our pre-game sessions for the first few weeks.

2013 Rebate Program from Play IT Again Sports

6674 Odana RD, Madison WI 608-824-3920

4640 East Washington Ave, Madison WI 608-441-2640


1. This offer only valid at the following Play It Again Sports: Madison East, Madison West

2. 5% rebate will be paid on all items purchased under the organizations name.

Rebate program Expires on 12-31-2013

Please consider purchasing your sporting goods at these stores and be sure to tell them you are associated with the UW Baraboo/Sauk County Hockey Club!

Our last Hockey Game of the Season

For all of you that made it to the last game, you can verify that it was awesome. There were enough members to play full ice. We had some really good players, and some novice ones as well. Although it was tiring, admittedly more for some than with others, all members can say that they had fun! We were also the last ones on the ice for the season, which, unfortunately also means that the season is over. But don’t despair! Hockey club will continue in the fall! We’ll be selling some candy bars to get equipment for the fall so hopefully those who can’t afford gear will still be able to join. So,tell your friends when you notice hockey club fundraising with candy bars!